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Contact Information

Digital (DEC) Compatible Boards

Type Description Part # Price
Single Width-Single Height - 36 contacts (18/side) on .125" centers - 5"H x 2.437"W
Breadboard Diode matrix 5-DE-7 $8.99
Extender No connector 6-DE-7 6.83
16 pin DIPs 6 positions for 16-pin DIPs plus space for rail caps 11-DE-7 9.49
Grid .100" grid of .038" holes 21-DE-7 11.09
Dual Width-Dual Height - 72 contacts (36/side) on .125" centers on 2 tabs - 8.43"H x 5.2"W
Extenders No connector 6-DE-11 19.51
6-DE-11 with 72-125C-EL connector installed 6-DE-11-C 41.11
Mixed DIPs 18 positions for 16-pin DIPs plus space for large DIPs. Plated-thru holes 9-DE-11 38.10
36 position DIP breadboard with 44-finger I/O access tab, plated-thru holes 10-DE-11 38.10
36 position DIP breadboard with plated-thru holes 11-DE-11 38.10
Large DIPs 18 16-pin DIP positions plus 2 dual rows of 116 pads each for large packages.VCC and GND busses on opposite sides of board, plated-thru holes 12-DE-11 38.10
Wire-Wrap Space for 48 16-pin wire-wrap sockets, all holes plated-thru 33-DE-11 36.00
Dual Width-Single Height - 72 contacts (36/side) on .125" centers on 2 tabs - 5"H x 5.2"W
Extenders No connector 6-DE-77 16.96
6-DE-77 as above with 72-125C-EL connector installed 6-DE-77-C 32.86
16 pin DIPs 18 DIP positions, Vcc ?GND busses on oppositesides of board, plated-thru holesh 10-DE-77 27.56
Blank Gold fingers only 18-DE-77 13.76
Grid .100" grid of .038" holes 21-DE-77 27.56
Quad Width-Dual Height - 144 contacts (72/side) on .125" centers on 4 tabs - 8.43"H x 10.436"W
Extender With 72-125C-EL connectors installed 6-DE-8-C 61.01
16 pin DIPs 60 DIP positions; provision for I/O ribbon connectors; plated-thru holes. 8.5" height 9-DE-8 57.11
72 DIP positions; with 44-pin I/O fingers; plated-thru holes 10-DE-8 55.01
72 DIP positions with plated-thru holes 11-DE-8 60.31
Large DIPs 36 DIP positions plus 4 rows of DIP positions at 58 holes per row, plated-thru holes 12-DE-8 60.31
Mixed DIPs 35 DIP positions plus 54 pin row of DIP pads, plated-thru holes, 44-pin I/O access 25-DE-8 60.31
Wire-Wrap 17 dual rows of 130 pads each; all holes plated-thru; I/O areas at top and sides of board 33-DE-8 47.01
33-DE-8 as above with pins loaded 33-DE-8-P 320.71
DEC Hex Width-Dual Height - 216 contacts (108/side) on .125" centers on 6 tabs - 8.43"H x 15.684"W
Extender 6-DE-HEX with 72-125C-EL connectors installed. Minimum 10 piece order 6-DE-HEX-C 100.65
16 pin DIPs 108 DIP positions, plated-thru holes 11-DE-HEX 77.22

DEC handles can be installed at no cost on any of our Digital (DEC) compatible boards which have pins or sockets loaded on them, when requested with the order. They are available for $0.55 each when ordered separately.

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