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Douglas Electronics has been a supplier of a broad line of high quality "breadboard" PCBs and other prototyping supplies for nearly forty years. These prototyping products, which are compatible with many popular computers, bus standards, and card cages, allow you to build working models of your designs quickly and modify them as needed before committing to a custom PCB design. We offer many different styles and form factors, and we maintain a large inventory that lets us ship product usually the same day the order is received.

You can pick boards by compatibility (listed below) or by size.

Below is a general overview of our various breadboard families. This is a partial listing, so if you do not see a size or pattern that you need, please call us and ask. We often add boards to our line at a customer's request if we believe that they will be of popular interest.

Board families:
space picture
General Purpose Boards
Apple Compatible Boards
Atari Compatible Boards
Digital (DEC) Compatible Boards
IBM PC Compatible Boards
Intel Compatible Boards
PCI Compatible Boards
PC/104 Compatible Boards
S-100 Compatible Boards
STD Compatible Boards
VME Compatible Boards

Also available: connectors, pins, spacers, sockets, brackets, ejectors, and card racks that complement our breadboard products, allowing complete systems to be built up from off-the-shelf parts quickly and efficiently. Contact us for more information or with any questions.

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